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1, first of all, remember to check the construction drawings, determine the correct construction site, so as not to present some unnecessary expenses in the early stages. In addition, if you review the flatness, strength, etc. of the wall and floor of the installation plate, whether you can strictly perform the construction request, if you do not meet the standards, you must adopt the response method as soon as possible.
Second, in order to ensure better construction results, relevant staff must have a one-sided and profound understanding of PP board related common sense, other construction requests, etc., and stop confirming its variety, color and number, so as to achieve success. In this case, if you stop clean, individually use high-pressure water scour. After implementation, the lower layer is stopped from grinding and lubricating so that it has a certain strength and rigidity.
In addition, during the construction process, we must only increase the weld and prevent leakage. Shandong Taiji pointed out that ensuring the solidity of welding helps to improve the construction quality and enable the plastic plate to be applied to its proper influence. The nominal lubrication of PP plate is flat, thick and thin, and has a wide range of practical scope; PP plate thickness is average, light, there is excellent heat resistance and machine strength; PP sheet length is often environmentally friendly plastic sheet; PP sheets are fantasy building materials.


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